Convert Your Garage into a Man Cave

Customization seems to be everywhere these days and with good reason. We live in an era where customizing things from cars to smartphones to entire homes is easier than ever before. This should come as no surprise given the fact that with a globalized market and evermore efficient means of creating and customizing. Add to that the fact that there is a greater social impetus for and celebration of customization and the process has never been more accessible.

Enter “the man cave.” As the impetus to customize homesteads has shot up, a sub-niche of customized “man cave” areas have arisen among the DIY set.

So, just how can you convert your garage into a personal oasis?

Climate Control

Let’s start with something extremely basic, such as making sure that your garage is comfortable enough to turn into a “man cave” in the first place. Far too often, this stage is overlooked. You don’t want to spend all of that time and effort to transform your garage into your own personal sanctuary only to then discover that in the summer it’s triple digits and stuffy inside, in the winter it’s drafty and freezing, and in neither season is it at all somewhere you’d want to spend hour after hour. It is therefore worth investing time making sure that you install air conditioners, fans, heating systems, ventilation systems, windows, and other basics of comfortable living.

Maximize Space

In addition, you’re going to want to make sure that you make the most of the space that you’re given. That means finding a way to utilize as much space as possible. The measure, mark, and figure out the best layout for your “man cave” in advance so as not to waste time or money. Some of the most common mistakes in creating these spaces which you’ll want to avoid include:

  • Overcramming spaces with so many different furnishings that you don’t leave yourself with enough space to walk around
  • Designing your room with a huge “empty space” that goes unutilized
  • Placing items with different temperatures (for example, heaters and refrigerators) too close together

From Top to Bottom

With those basics squared away, it’s time to spare a thought to what your ceiling, walls, windows, and flooring is going to be like. Taking those points from top to bottom:

  • You’ll want to make sure that your ceiling is free of cracks and has adequate lighting fixtures installed; if either of these is lacking, you’ll want to correct that
  • For as fun as the term “man cave” might be, unless you really do want to go for that subterranean cave feel, you’ll want to think about putting in a window or two for natural light
  • Most garages aren’t painted with the idea of living quarters in mind, so you’ll likely want to repaint, add some wallpaper, put up some posters, or a combination thereof
  • Finally, most garage floors are concrete, uncomfortable, and dirty, which is hardly a “man cave” material, so you’ll want to install some new flooring, carpeting, or at least put some rugs down

Adding Items of Interest

Now for the fun part! Part of what makes the idea of a “man cave” so enticing is the idea of being able to fill it with so many of your most cherished passions. When designing a “man cave,” some of the items you might wish to include might be:

  • Comfy Furniture: You can’t enjoy the Big Game or Movie Marathons without a cushy place to sit. Bean bag chairs, massive armchairs fit for a king, recliners, sofas for when you have friends over – one or more can help make your “man cave” that much more comfortable.
  • DVD Collections: Whether you’re a huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy, spy films, art-house cinema, or any other genres, you’re going to want somewhere to stash your ever-growing DVD collection. Your “man cave” should ideally have enough space to show off your collection in style.
  • Big-Screen TV: Let’s not forget this little necessity. You’ll also want to make sure that your TV is hooked up to a great surround sound speaker system, and check the room’s acoustics.
  • Fridges, Bars, and Drinkware: Need a cold one? Whether you’re a wine snob, beer aficionado, or anything in between, having a fridge, bar, and drinkware on hand is absolutely essential.

All this and more can help you transform your garage into the perfect “man cave.”