Four Important Design Considerations When Planning a Home Bar

Installing a bar in your home is a great way to make sure that when you have company over everybody has a fun place to spend time together. A dedicated bar space in your house will ensure that nobody has to go to the kitchen for a drink and that everybody’s entertained.

The right bar design idea for your home may not work in another space, which is why it’s important to consider a few different design ideas before planning your home bar.

Consider the Bar Surface

One important design feature that you have to take into consideration when planning your home bar is what material the actual bar surface will be made out of. While many people opt for tile because of its affordability, there are a few other options, that are similar in price range, that will make the bar look much more impressive. Unless your budget is endless, skip the marble or granite and choose something a little bit warmer and more affordable.

Dark stained wood that allows the grain of the wood to still shine through is a warm look and is reminiscent of traditional bars or pubs. Additionally, while this surface can be scratched, the scratches will only add to the personality of your bar and can be sanded out if you desire.

Don’t Fear Angles

While L shape or straight bars are often easier to install in your home, if you have limited space to work with or are interested in a bar that is more aesthetically interesting, then don’t be afraid of including angles in your bar design. Not only do angles allow you to fit your bar into a smaller or less conventional space in your home, but they actually provide a little extra room for people to stand or sit at your bar.

Two 45° angles located at two corners of your bar ensure that you have enough room while you are tending bar to be comfortable moving around and help you to fit your bar into the end of your room.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Lighting

If you want to make your home bar feel similar to a traditional pub, then you will want to include pendant lighting that hangs from the ceiling over the bar itself. Make sure that your lights are high enough so that nobody will accidentally bump their head when they’re standing up from their stool, and use lower wattage bulbs for the same soft light that you encounter in a pub.

While the pendant lights look great and will give your friends the light they need to have a drink, it’s important that you have a brighter light in your prep areas, so you do not accidentally injure yourself or make a mistake when pouring drinks. In this case, recessed lighting underneath your cabinets will provide you with all of the light that you need. Look for LED lights that are very bright and easy to install to make this task simple.

Don’t Be Afraid to Match

A lot of people shy away from matching furniture in their home bar because they don’t want it to look too commercial. This is unfortunate because small details that match can make your home bar look very cohesive and put together. Consider stools that are made from the same type of wood as your bar surface. This will tie the look together, without matching too much.

Another way to match, without it being terribly obvious, is if you have cloth covered stools. Try to pick up some of the colors from the upholstery fabric and use them throughout your bar. One way you can do this is by matching a color from the upholstery to the pendant lights.

A home bar can provide you with a wonderful place to spend time with your family and friends. Putting time and effort into designing a bar that you love will ensure that you are proud of the space. It’s important to think not only about the physical design of the bar and how to make it fit into the space of your home, but also the lighting, seating, and what material you are going to use for the bar top. Planning out your design details before getting started ensures that you have a bar that you love.