Man Cave Ideas and a Guide to a Successful Design

There is something about the seclusion and the ideas associated with the very words that make having a man cave so attractive. Having that opportunity to create a room from scratch and load it with all of your favorite things is a dream for many and if you finally made it to that point, congratulations.

But a man cave has become far more than just a room filled with stuff and the bar has been set pretty high. So, don’t be discouraged when you see these immaculate photos online of million-dollar man caves. There are plenty of things that you can do on your own to create a satisfying space.

Start with the Things You Like

Think about all of the things you like and the things that bring you joy in one way or another. Think about your favorite colors and the mood you want to set in your man cave. Think about everything. Do you want something classy or do you want something rustic? Are you a film fanatic or do you prefer sports?

If you don’t like sports, for example, you eliminate a huge chunk of the Internet and can begin searching for items specific to the things that you do want. For every interest, there are loads of accessories, room features, statues, and so on.

Get Creative with Your Walls

What you do with your walls is really going to define the space and there are a ton of ways to make them interesting. Giving character to your walls can be done in a number of ways and you can fill multiple walls while leaving a painted accent wall and whatever else you need to do to create a more interesting space.

Paint them an interesting color that works with the rest of your theme, cover your walls in wood or stone, or decorate your walls in cool artwork and collectibles. If you are into movies, you can find movie posters of your favorite films and fill a wall with those. Consider sanding and staining some wooden pallets and creating an entire divider wall if you have the space.

Bars, Snacks, and Alcohol

A pretty common addition to the man cave is a bar and if you are into alcohol, you can find all sorts of memorabilia, old signs, and so on to decorate the area.

Bars don’t necessarily require a ton of space so even if you are working with a relatively small space, you can dedicate half a wall to a counter and mini refrigerator, at the least. Get some nice-looking glasses, start an alcohol collection, put up some signage, and make sure to get some snacks in there.

Once you’re in the man cave, the goal is not to leave the man cave so you want to be fully stocked with drinks and snacks so you can enjoy movies, swatch ports, or hang out with friends undisturbed. And you can find interesting accessories, such as barrels that have been refurbished and transformed into coolers for cold drinks.

Make Sure That There Are Some Activities

All of the accessories, the shelf items, and the memorabilia can be bought here and there. While you want to acquire all of the coolest stuff, you don’t go down to your man cave to just sit and look.

It would probably be wise to have some things to do down in your man cave such as pool tables, ping-pong table, projector screens, video games, and whatever else you like to do. If you are creating a man cave/study area or office, make sure to set aside enough space for a desk and everything else that you need to be successful.

There are so many elements to a man cave that it can be difficult to get everything perfect. For the most satisfying results, you should decide on a theme and search for the items that complement that theme. This will narrow down your search quite a bit and allow you to design a room that makes sense. Not to mention, most of the best stuff you can acquire for your man cave will be found accidentally. You can search for all kinds of cool items but the truly meaningful things will often times come naturally.