What Appliances Do You Need for the Ultimate Home Bar

Whether you are throwing a party or hanging out with a few close friends, your boring old kitchen and dining room may not provide the right atmosphere.

Your own home bar is the perfect place to entertain your guests. If you want them to come back for more, there are a few appliances that you should consider adding to your bar.

Wine Cooler or Beverage Fridge

The first appliance that you expect to see in a home bar is a wine cooler. Coolers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate any size room or budget. You can get a small cooler that only holds half a dozen bottles or a massive cooler to store a wine collection.

A wine cooler is basically a small fridge for storing your wine at the perfect temperature. They typically include a glass door to show off your wines.

If you are not a wine drinker, you should consider getting a small beverage fridge. Similarly to the wine cooler, the beverage fridge comes in various sizes and often features a see-through door. You can also find both wine coolers and beverage fridges with dual-zone cooling. This allows you to set two different temperatures in parts of the cooler or fridge.

While the cooler and fridge share many features, there are a couple differences. The beverage fridge has shelves for storing cans or bottles while the wine cooler includes racks to hold the wine bottles. Beverage fridges tend to be shorter as well.

Miniature Refrigerator for Snacks

Along with keeping your beverages chilled, you may want to keep your snacks cold. If you do not want to invest in a wine cooler or beverage fridge, a mini fridge is a suitable alternative. Besides storing snacks, you can still chill your beer or wine.

Miniature fridges are also available in many sizes. If you already plan on getting a wine cooler or beverage fridge, you could purchase a smaller mini fridge to keep a few essential items cold.

Kegerator for Chilling Beer Kegs

Yet another version of a fridge designed for the bar is the kegerator. As the name suggests, the kegerator is a refrigerator for chilling beer kegs.

This appliance resembles a mini fridge with a large front door except there are no shelves inside. Instead, you place the keg inside the appliance and connect it to the tap that extrudes from the top.

The top of the kegerator is almost the same as your own mini beer tap. While bottled beer can still taste great, your home bar should offer beer fresh from the tap.

Purchase a Compact Ice Maker

When serving cocktails, you may need ice. One option is to set ice trays in your mini fridge or beverage cooler. However, as you continue mixing drinks, you will regularly run out of ice.

For a continuous supply of ice, you need a mini ice maker. These appliances work just the same as the ice makers that are included in some refrigerators. You can find freestanding ice makers or portable ice makers, depending on your budget and how frequently you think that you will need ice.

Make Fresh Cocktails with a Juicer

A juicer is another useful appliance for making cocktails. Instead of purchasing bottled juice, you can press your own fresh juice with a juicer.

Juicers range in price and quality. If you want to get as much juice as you can from the fruits or vegetables, you may want to spend more on a high-quality juicer.

Along with a juicer, you may want to add a soda stream. With these little appliances, you can make your own carbonated beverages. Instead of a Jack and Coke, you can serve your own concoction.

Countertop Frozen Margarita Maker

To complete your own home bar, consider buying a frozen margarita maker. The margarita maker includes an ice reservoir and requires a margarita mix. With a small ice maker and a fridge for storing the margarita mix, you will always be ready for margaritas.

These appliances should help you build the ultimate home bar. Think about the types of drinks that you and your family or friends enjoy and then decide which appliances will make it easier to serve these drinks.